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Lean Adopter Program

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Thanks for your interest in LAP. Please use this form to introduce yourself and your organization. If you need more information, feel free to contact us here.


Lean Adopter Program (LAP)

Lean User Meets Agile Developer

  • As a core business value, i-ngo's LAP builds an effective conversation between lean user thinking and agile development. LAP strategically brings the interests and needs of solution adopters like you to the forefront. Our developers pay close attention to enhancing the user experience with rapid prototyping, rapid testing, and rapid validation of needs. In a sense, we, as developers, learn from you, the user.
  • LAP's synergetic relationship allows you to play a pivotal role in feature enhancement, while getting advantageous access to the i-ngo platform. Ultimately you and your colleagues will have a cost-effective, customized solution to support your work, without paying for the price of customization.
  • There is nothing to install. Users simply report any issues and suggest fine-tunes based on their own needs. i-ngo developers are agile enough to quickly implement enhancements. In return, LAP users will benefit from attentive support, preferential pricing, and a great user experience.
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